This summer has been one for the record books as to lack of rain and the severity of the heat.  Fall hopefully will bring some relief and much needed rain.  As we think about going out to walk our dogs we also have to keep in mind can we be seen?  The days grow shorter with little light. In some areas the hunters are out looking for deer, bear and water fowl. In the northeast we are also dealing with coyote as they have fewer places to hunt for food.  The best way to keep safe is to be load make a lot of noise as you walk. Keep your dog, close by on a leash. Wear bright clothes and reflective vests for both you and your dog. Try the right size if you have a lab, German Shepard, Yorkie, Corgi, Poodle, Chihuahua, Shitzu, Golden Retriever… Match vests are available at . If confronted by a coyote pick up rocks to throw, yell spread your arms wide to make your self seem bigger.